Joe Biel "Veil" (work in progress) Watercolor, Gouache and Graphite on Paper
2010-Present (in progress)
Watercolor, Gouache and Graphite on Paper
58 x 148 in.

This work is a long term large scale work begun in January 2010 and still in progress (projected date of completion is Spring 2013). The piece is on a single sheet of paper 58 x 148 in. and depicts 1124 Television sets arranged in towers. Each black and white television has a different screen shot rendered in watercolor and gouache. Images are drawn from a variety of sources: Hollywood films, Art films, Network TV, documentaries, commercials as well as photographic and art historical references. The range is meant to suggest a broad, though certainly idiosyncratic view of contemporary culture seen from a variety of platforms (emotional, cultural, historical).

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